Yoga For Athletes: Integrating Yoga into your training

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior your athletic performance can benefit from the integration of Yoga into your training. The addition of a yoga practice helps in balancing both the physical and mental demands placed on the athlete in both training and competition. Join Ryan Tolhurst (RYT200) and Holly Kondrady (RYT500) for a one hour yoga practice targeting muscle groups for specific sports. Following practice we hold an interactive discussion targeting: - Breath practices to release emotional and physical tension stored in the body (pre-race/game anxiety) - Increase mind-body awareness and physiology in relation to posture in all sports - Injury prevention and recovery important to performance Receive a pre-training sequence to prepare body and a post-training sequence for flexibility and relaxation.  WHY DO YOU NEED YOGA? . . . - Develop breath awareness - Enhance focus and mental control - Practice balance- an essential element to every sport - Develop strength to stabilize the body - Increase flexibility and relieve muscle tension

Sunday May 22nd 2-5pm at Cape Fear Sports Medicine in Wilmington NC. 

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