July 13-16 // Wilmington, NC

Axis Yoga + Studio

Get more out of your time on the mat by developing a better understanding of your physical body while integrating a mindful approach to practice during this weekend of in-depth, interactive workshops. Each individual workshop will open with a discussion portion covering key points of intention that will then be explored further during a physical, vinyasa style practice. Whether you are new to yoga, a seasoned practitioner, or teacher these workshops are designed to help you move more safely, efficiently, and effectively. Join Ryan for a weekend dedicated to refining your practice.


Thursday July 13, 6-8pm: INNER LUMINATE VINYASA 

 - This is an All-Levels vinyasa style class integrating meditation, pranayama (breath work), and Asana (postures). Move through an intelligently planned sequence designed to open both body and mind. Working in a strong yet accessible way, a detailed focus on alignment will help deepen your connection to your body while combining your movement through the postures with a mindful integration of teachings. There will be options for arm balances and inversions throughout the class (modifications will be offered).


Friday July 14, 6-8pm: A JOURNEY TO THE CORE

- Involved in all weight bearing activity, from dynamic movement to sitting, the “core” plays a vital role. Gain a greater functional understanding of this region of the body as we journey from the abdomen to the knees to create a more complete picture. Effectively working the core means not only strengthening but working to create greater flexibility as well. Learn how to take a balanced approach to tap into this powerful movement center in the body, maintain spinal health, and enjoy more comfort and freedom in daily activities.

·      Gain a greater functional understanding of how this area works by breaking it into three major portions: abdomen, hips, and thighs.

·      Learn a healthy balanced approach to building functional strength while maintaining mobility

·      Examine key anatomy to better understand the impact of core work on alignment

Saturday July 15, 10am-12pm: A BALANCED APPROACH TO HIPS

- The idea of "open hips" is widespread throughout the modern yoga practice. The thought that increased flexibility and a larger range of motion equal greater benefit and comfort, can lead to an imbalanced approach to working with this highly complex region of the body. By getting a more complete overall picture of form and function learn to take a more balanced approach in your practice. Gain the knowledge of why and how both strength and flexibility are vital to happy healthy hips.

·      examine key anatomy to unlocking a better understanding of the hip joint

·      Learn the importance of a balanced approach when working in this area

·      Use these tools to create greater health and function in your daily life


- Arm balances can be both demanding and challenging. But like any complex and difficult situation, by breaking it down through a systematic approach to its parts, the difficult can be made accessible, and the challenging becomes inspiring. Develop a deeper understanding of these postures by using the approach of building on re-constructable functional patterns of movement. By establishing a solid foundation and working understanding of the pieces that make the whole, whether integrating these postures into your practice or progressing in their exploration, the journey becomes not only more approachable but empowering. 

·      Learn the biomechanics and their application in alignment to build a solid foundation.

·      Learn key movements to create functional stability in the shoulders for a safe and sustainable approach

·      Use intelligently planned sequencing to deconstruct complex postures into accessible approachable parts


- Backbends are inherent with a quality of the unknown. Moving into a space we cannot see can be uncomfortable or even a little scary. Like any uncomfortable situation, the more we are able to understand both about ourselves and where we are headed, the greater confidence we bring with us, and the greater our chances for success. Breakdown key biomechanical actions that will create a strong and safe environment from which to explore this family of postures. Move safely and confidently by understanding key mechanics of alignment and how they are related to movement in backbends.

·      Look at the benefits of backbends and why they are an important part of practice

·      Examine key actions in the body that create greater freedom and safety in spinal extension

·      Tap into the invigorating quality of these postures as you learn to move confidently from a place of strength and support

Sunday July 16, 1-3pm: BUILDING INVERSIONS

- With their striking nature of appearance, inversions, in many cases leads practitioners to either an accelerated pursuit of an ideal or aversion to practicing them at all. Either approach can leave these highly beneficial postures elusive, inaccessible and potentially unsafe. Building from the foundation up, start by breaking down key fundamental movements in the body to better understand the building blocks that, when put together, construct these more complex shapes. Through a more thorough understanding move in and out of your inversions safely and confidently. Move through an intelligently designed sequence taking the time to breakdown postures like headstand, forearm stand, and handstand.

·      Open with a discussion of key foundational movements, then move through a targeted practice to put that understanding into the body

·      Learn to move safely and confidently in and out of inversions as well as modifications

·      A class designed to be beneficial and accessible for all levels. From new to inversions, advanced students, as well as teachers.

**All classes will be taught in the Vinyasa tradition, open to all levels

**Cost: $35/class (in advance); $150 for entire weekend; $40/class day of

**Available for 12hrs CEU

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