With their striking nature of appearance, inversions, in many cases leads practitioners to either an accelerated pursuit of an ideal or aversion to practicing them at all. Either approach can leave these highly beneficial postures elusive, inaccessible and potentially unsafe. Building from the foundation up, start by breaking down key fundamental movements in the body to better understand the building blocks that, when put together, construct these more complex shapes. Through a more thorough understanding move in and out of your inversions safely and confidently. Move through an intelligently designed sequence taking the time to breakdown the postures of headstand, forearm stand, and handstand.

·      Open with a discussion of key foundational movements, then move through a targeted practice to put that understanding into the body

·      Learn to move safely and confidently in and out of inversions as well as modifications

·      A class designed to be beneficial and accessible for all levels. From new to inversions, advanced students, as well as teachers.

Om at Cashew Hill I Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica I March 17, 2017


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